No Perfect People

Area 3:16 is here to help folks meet Jesus and His followers, to help us grow with Him, and to serve others.  After all, Jesus greatest commandment is to Love God with all our heart, mind and soul, and love each other like ourselves.   You don’t have to dress up, or be any particular age, or look any certain way to do that. We don’t care about your politics, and please don’t feel the need to pretend about anything.  Area 3:16 is a place where God will meet you wherever you are.  None of us are perfect, and we don’t expect you to be either. Everyone is welcome no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.


Our Teaching is now on YouTube.  If you miss worship (allowed), or just want to see one message again, you can see it every week by going here.


We have implemented on-line and smartphone giving at Area 3:16.  Of course you can still use the basket, or if you like you can just push buttons.  To get the phone app, just text AREA316 to 77977, or search for Area316 at your app store.  To give now click HERE.  For more information on giving at Area 3:16 to to the Gifts page.

“NEXT” in 2017

Last year was the year to “Just Move” at Area 3:16, and we hope and pray that all of us have moved closer to Jesus in some way.  For 2017 our theme is “NEXT”.  What’s the “Next” step in your journey?  In what new way can you grow in your faith, or serve the community this year?  2017 is about seeing and taking the “Next” step in your life.  We “Come as we are” to meet Jesus, but when we begin a relationship with Him, we become a new creation and cannot “stay as we are”.  There is no standing still.  So what’s “Next” for you?  Joining a new Bible study or small group; or seeing a place to serve in the community and joining in that service;  or living with increased joy from Jesus in your heart?  So when Jesus calls; “Next” to you,  just step right up and see what He has in store.  You may be amazed.

Worship With Us Every Sunday

9:30 and 11 AM

We are a growing, contemporary, non-denominational church in Caldwell.  You can join us any Sunday at the Area 3:16 Worship Center for worship and fellowship.   Go to the WORSHIP  area for details.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about this exciting new church and its ministries so call or e-mail, or even better, stop by anytime.

Wanna Get Connected   

Hook up with one of our Grow Groups to meet and get connected to the people of Area 3:16.  There are several on the Grow Groups page.

Caldwell Young Life

Caldwell Young Life meets on Monday evenings at The Garage at 7:29.   Go to the link above for details.

Message Series

“The Gift”

 Dec 17 “Fear”

Pastor Pat

Dec 24         


Pastor Juan

Dec 31 “Stand Alone” 

Russ Bevil 

Wee World and Kid Zone

Children to 6th grade Every Sunday Morning